Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Sanctity of Love and War

One of my fellow colleagues (and friend), Amy Ferguson, recently published her first novel. It's called The Sanctity of Love and War, a historical fiction novel set in 1940s New England. The book was recently published and I am really excited to begin reading it since I finally bought my copy (in person, of course, so I could get it signed). I knew she was writing a novel and when I subbed long term in the office last school year she showed me pictures she was thinking about using for the cover (after telling me all about the book). I, of course, chose the picture with the lighthouse. Here is some information about the book, taken from Amy's blog.
Set in 1940's New England, The Sanctity Of Love And War is the story of the inhabitants of Shorham, Maine who, as a result of World War II, find themselves confronted by a series of events that greatly impact their lives. Piper Adams comes from a wealthy New England family, but is grounded by her love of nature and the close relationship she shares with her grandfather who fosters in Piper a sense of self in relation to the world. Nathaniel Winslow, a Maine fisherman, is a quiet, descent man who loves Piper, but realizes that their divergent backgrounds and his demeanor make the possibility of a future with her seem unlikely. World War II shakes the lives of Piper and Nate along with everyone else in Shorham, setting the scene for the survivors of the war to go on a journey to find peace and acceptance again in their lives. Their journeys take them to the far corners of the world where they meet and are influenced by others who have been impacted by the war. The Sanctity Of Love And War is a story of the redemptive qualities of love as it attempts to overcome the harsh realities of war.
You can also check out her blog as well as purchase a copy of the book here. You can also buy a copy of the book on Amazon here. They also have a Kindle verson of the book here

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  1. What a lovely thing to do to get the word out about the book! I appreciate the support and your kind words. Best wishes to you as you continue on the path of your latest journey in life!