Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Just wanted to wish all of you a Happy Halloween!  Stay safe tonight in whatever you do! 

Hurricane Sandy

Living in Northeast PA, we were supposed to get part of the brunt of Hurricane Sandy.  It's actually become kind of a joke for my bff and I because it seems every year we get storms on or the day after my birthday.  2008 and 2011 were blizzards and this year Sandy.  Luckily for us the storm turned, but that just made the devastation that much worse everywhere south of us. 

The Jersey Shore is destroyed.  NYC is still without power below 38th street along with the flooding everywhere.  I am continuing to hold all those affected in my thoughts and prayers. 

Here is a good read about NYC, albeit a bit disappointing that it seems the leaders (Governor Cuomo and Mayor Bloomberg) think that Sandy is "behind" them.  What about all those who are still impacted by the storm?  Outrage in a Powerless Zone

Friday, October 19, 2012

Wish List

My birthday is coming up next week and sine I haven't asked for anything yet, I decided to post a small wish list for my birthday/holiday here.  All items are part of the J Crew holiday line.  I really don't need anything else, but I love socks and am a sucker for anchors. 

Bow Socks
Anchor Socks (how CUTE are these??)
Anchor keychain

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Georgetown Cupcakes and Other Stuff!

Hey y'all,

Another week has come to a close and this one brings me to fall break.  Kind of funny since my "class" only technically began on Tuesday.  Things at school are so crazy and hectic.  As much as I can't wait to be done, I really think I am scared to actually be finished with my Master's.  Hey, who am I kidding?? For my degree I will never really be finished with school.  Ever.  Not that I think there is anything wrong with that.  Things are always growing and changing and I think that learning is a way to ensure that we will always be on top of the latest education knowledge. 

Which brings me to my field trip to Harrisburg on Monday (as long as I am not subbing because I won't turn down work).  I need to get my Child Abuse clearance and isn't it almost sad that in order to get it without waiting 8-12 weeks, I will need to drive the 2.5 hours down there (5 hours round trip) to the office.    I can't start my practicum without it.  Actually, I can't apply to any other districts without it either. 

On a happier note, this past Wednesday the Georgetown Cupcake sisters (Sophie and Katherine) were doing a book signing at Bookends in NJ.  I, of course, just had to be there because I love them and their cupcakes.  For those not familiar they also have a tv show, DC Cupcakes, on TLC.  Anyway their latest recipe book, Sweet Celebrations, was released on Tuesday so they are doing a book signing tour.  It was super fun!  At first they did a small Q&A session for anyone who had questions.  Then they signed the books and took pictures with people.  They also brought about 20 boxes of yummy cupcakes for people to eat. I was so excited that they brought pumpkin spice because I always wanted to try it.  Oh my word!  Delicious doesn't even begin to describe it!  It was a pumpkin spice cupcake with a maple cream cheese frosting.  Sooo good!  I almost can't wait for my birthday in order to stop at Georgetown Cupcake in NYC for another. 

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Lovely Roots Jewelry

Lovely Roots Jewelry is a beautiful brand of jewelry designed and created by my friend Elli.  Each piece of jewelry is handmade with care.  There is an earthly quality to them because they are made with all-natural stones.  The fall collection is created with the mindset that fall is for layering, warm colors, and subtle hues.  Here are some of the beautiful pieces that are featured, my favorite being the pink. 

Lovely Roots

Columbus Weekend

Hey Y'all! 

Columbus Weekend is here and is the first weekend that I think of as actually being "fall", especially with the weather that we're having.  It's cool, mostly cloudy, and even a little rainy.  The leaves have begun to change and it's an all around beautiful time.  Fall break is this weekend so I am overall getting into the season.  Pumpkin is everywhere you look.  It's about time for sweater and boot weather. 

Here are some of my favorites for the fall. 

AE Anchor Sweater

Oxford Favorite Shirt

Dot Pullover Sweater (30% off this weekend!)

Signature Leggings

Everyday Chino (Can dress up or down and such a good price!)

Thursday, October 4, 2012


Hello y'all and welcome to my new blog!  I have finally decided to create my own blog and I hope to stick to it.  I used to blog a fair bit years ago, but then stopped. 

My name is Jami and I was born/raised in northeast Pennsylvania.  Within the past several years, I have almost felt that I was born in the wrong part of the United States (as funny as that may sound).  I am convinced I should have been born in the South.  I love pearls, sweet tea, and monograms more than you could believe.  I also love the beach, but the southern beaches from North Carolina to Florida.  New England beaches are also beautiful.  Actually any beach is beautiful!  I also love anything Disney releated.  WDW is one of my favorite places to vacation. 

Pink is my favorite color and I danced for about 20 years before I had to give it up for school.  I am one semester away from graduating with my Master's in Reading Education and hoping to get a job in one of the southern states.  While I continue with school, I am also subbing when I can and working at Aerie.  I love all my Aerie girls and wouldn't trade them for the world!  They are some of the nicest people I have ever met!  Sick Puppies are my favorite band at I have currently seen them 64 times.  I am also an ambassador with their World Crew and do what I can to help them achieve world domination. 

I love anchors, polka dots, and anything with a crown.  The majority of my wardrobe is pink and navy blue.  Some of my favorite brands are J Crew, Lilly Pulitzer, Tory Burch, American Eagle/Aerie, and Nautica.